This resource library is an archive of the AHL’s meetings, presentations, publications and support documents.

AHL Meeting Recordings and Presentations

Our AHL meetings introduce the program to partners interested in joining the coalition, learning about health literacy, representing their communities and collaborating with other community serving partners.

Health Literacy Toolkit

This set of tools provides individuals and community collaborators with strategies to share and disseminate health information in a way that promotes a deeper understanding, empowering individuals to access, comprehend, and utilize the information in order to promote and maintain good health.

Financial Literacy for Nonprofits

The session reviews and defines fiscal terminology that is common in the nonprofit world and explores best practices in budget development.

Advocacy In Action

Learn how to identify decision makers and make them allies, pursue policies that change systems and structures, and build on the successes of other advocates.

Healthy Places Index Training

Advancing Health Equity through High-Quality Data: Introduction to the Healthy Places Index Tool presented by the Public Health Alliance.

This AHL session is hosted in partnership with the County of San Diego's Childhood Obesity Initiative, UC San Diego Health Antiracism Taskforce - Health Disparities & Inequities Workstream, and the UC San Diego Center for Community Health - Refugee Health Unit.

Proposal Development Workshop

Watch AHL's capacity building seminar facilitated by Valerie Nash, M.A. This session will cover the proposal development process of grant applications.

RFA Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions compiled through our grant applicant's conferences

Grant Applicant's Conference 04/15/2022

On Friday, April 15 2022, we held a Grant Applicant's Conference, offering a review of the RFA and a chance for applicants to ask questions.

How to Design an Impactful Program

Watch AHL's second capacity building seminar facilitated by Valerie Nash, M.A. This session will provide a step by step review of how to develop an outcomes-based program that is aligned with the strengths and needs of the community you aim to serve.

Health Literacy and Your Organization

Facilitated by Dr. Melody Schiaffino, a bilingual, bi-cultural health services researcher and health literacy expert, this seminar explores how health literacy is related to the work you are already doing in your community, and how you can use health literacy to positively impact the communities you serve.

AHL Coalition Info Session

An introduction to the AHL and a presentation defining health literacy for potential coalition members

Info Session Slide Deck

Presentation materials used in our January 10, 2022 meeting with potential coalition members

What is health literacy?

All people have the right to health information that helps them make informed decisions

AHL One Pagers

Downloadable information about the AHL program goals, objectives and data collection efforts, for use in promotional efforts and outreach.

AHL General One Pager

Overview of the program’s goals and objectives

Streetwyze One Pager

Overview of the Streetwyze data collection process


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