Johnson is also a senior at Preuss School, from San Diego, he is planning on attending UC Riverside in the fall, hoping to study political science in college next year. Johnson also shared his thoughts and experiences from ENACT Day in Sacramento: Having the opportunity to go to Sacramento was a dream come true for me. I have always had a passion for making changes, but I never took action; rather I did not have the education or resources to take the action I desired for. I constantly thought about all the possibilities and changes that could happen in my community that directly impacts their health and wellbeing, yet all I knew was that it was nothing more than ideas. When I got invited to go on the trip and represent my district in San Diego, I expected nothing more than just a motivational speech about making the world a better place. However, to my surprise, I had the chance to lobby for legislation that would make my community, and state, a better place such as Summer EBT for California children and safe drinking water benefit. I had never realized that I had a voice in decisions being made every day at the state capitol. My whole day lobbying in Sacramento opened my eyes to realizing that I have a voice, and it’ll only be heard if I put myself out there and stay true to what I believe in. I believe that everyone has a voice to make positive political changes that directly impact my communities’ health and alleviate disproportionate health disparities.


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