Rema Halal, El Cajon

  • Exterior façade renovations
  • Landscaping, shade, & benches added to create social gathering space
  • Bike racks installed
  • New produce introduced, improved quality & display
  • New branding and packaging of value-added healthy prepared food products
  • Engagement with community coalition on health equity discussions citywide

Fresh Garden Market, Mt. Hope

African Caribbean Market, City Heights

Louie's Market Place, Oak Park

  • Exterior façade renovation with community council
  • Interior layout redesign with UCSD YAC
  • Increased produce variety, quantity, and quality
  • New produce display equipment
  • New deli with healthy lunch options
  • Newly designed healthy food & market brand signage
  • Removal of alcohol/tobacco ads
  • New WIC authorization
  • Local produce sourcing from youth garden program
  • Neighborhood gathering & celebration events
  • KPBS coverage

Minnehaha Food Market, City Heights

  • Surveys and interviews with neighborhood residents to inform new changes
  • Improved layout and design (produce moved up front)
  • New shelving to better highlight & stock WIC package foods
  • New produce display equipment
  • Sourcing from new produce distributor, connection from our peer network
  • Building new café with healthy options for a new revenue stream


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