Our research and evaluation services include ongoing facilitation of the Refugee Health Community Research Review Board (RHCRRB), completion of needs assessment, feasibility analysis, program evaluation, and action research.
Established in 2018, the RHCRRB provides a means through which research involving refugee communities can be reviewed to ensure adherence to ethical methods and standards. Program evaluation and development activities often include strategies such as focus groups, key interviews and community surveys as a way of measuring the impact of interventions. Research projects differ in nature and scope, but typically aim to advance knowledge of refugee needs and best practices in delivering services.

Examples of research and evaluation projects:

  • “Effectiveness of School-Family Navigation Services in Supporting Achievement of
    Newcomer Students” – evaluation for San Diego Unified School District’s CalNEW
    Program funded by California Department of Social Services.
  • “Educational and Economic Needs of Girls and Women from Refugee Families” – a
    research study sponsored by Women Give San Diego.
  • “Community Risk and Resiliency Factors for Relationship Violence within San Diego’s
    Refugee Communities” – exploratory research for the East African Men and Boys
    Collaborative funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation.

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