The Refugee Health Unit supports coalition and capacity building across the state of California. Our work in this area is built on community-led transformation principles, with intentional cross sector collaboration across community partners and ECBOs for improved community impact. This community-led approach is guided by partners in strategic program design and operating expertise and maximizes long-term benefits for the community. Our program work includes but not limited to:

  • Developing skills related to policy development in achieving social change such as: community-mobilizing and storytelling 
  • Increasing self-sufficiency among ethnic based community organizations
  • Facilitating cross sector collaboration for improved community impact across the social determinants of health
  • Improving knowledge and skills related to innovative referrals systems and networks (i.e. community -led information exchange networks) and evidence-based client -centered approaches to service delivery
  • Putting in place systems to sustain the work of EBCOs
  • Providing support for small businesses to build a workforce of front line staff
  • Strengthening capacity through technical assistance and quality assurance and
  • Affirming culture, amplifying voices, and building trust across partnerships 


Examples of our coalition and capacity building projects:


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