On June 27th, the Northgate Gonzalez supermarket invited the UCSD Center for Community Health’s Youth Advisory Council to the unveiling of its new partnership with the USDA. This partnership combines Northgate Gonzalez’s preeminence in San Diego with the USDA’s mission of promoting nutrition to provide the underserved children of San Diego County with healthy meals over the summer. To further the day’s theme of healthy living and eating, the Youth Advisory Council promoted the “Rethink Your Drink” campaign by educating Northgate Gonzalez shoppers on healthy alternatives to many sugary drinks. Wielding sweet samples of naturally fruit and vegetable-flavored water, the Youth Advisory Council certainly got many Northgate Gonzalez shoppers and their families to adopt these deliciously nutritious alternatives. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to provide individuals with a healthy option amid seas of soda, and I was very glad to watch the community come together at Northgate Gonzalez to address this issue. With an entire summer ahead, I am all the more excited to see the positive change that Northgate Gonzalez, the USDA, and the Youth Advisory Council will continue to bring to those who need it most.


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