To find a Breastfeeding-Friendly childcare provider in your area, visit the San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition webpage or click here

Recognized Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego childcare providers do not just tolerate breastfeeding, they go out of their way to wholeheartedly support it.

Seeking childcare when returning to work or school can be difficult for any parent. Organizations know breastfeeding is good for baby and good for parent, so when it’s time for childcare selection let your parents know breastfeeding-friendly care is an option.

The Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego program works with childcare providers to create breastfeeding-friendly environments. Providers involved in the program provide:

  • A breastfeeding-friendly environment
  • Employees trained in the proper handling, storing, and feeding of breast milk
  • Written support for breastfeeding families
  • Resources to support breastfeeding mothers

Not sure where to start?

Coach your families so they know what to ask. These simple questions may help determine if a potential provider is supportive of breastfeeding:


Check out these resources related to promoting breastfeeding-friendly childcare:

Keep It Up! SPAN PDF

BFSD Parent Flier SPAN PDF

Keep It Up! PDF

Parent Flier PDF


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